• fond fondation
    Science Fiction game
    Strategy and diplomacy game
    Mmorpg (massively multiplayer game)
    a diplomat from the galactic empire
  • foundation game
    the leaders of the foundation are excellent diplomats
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    The strategy and diplomacy game
    massively multiplayer
  • fond fondation
    Dashboard planets
    One of your leaders
    cruisers are good support in case of colonization of planets
    A tavern to recruit new leaders
    55216 players
    Several months of play
    Progressive immersion
    10 minutes a day is enough!
    Strategy and diplomacy

Science-fiction game

"Foundation" is a real-time strategy and diplomacy game mixing space battles, political intrigue, trade, quest and power.
In this complex universe, you will incarnate the different families that make up the Galaxy.

  • Independents
  • Empire
  • Merchants
  • Foundation
  • Brotherhoods
Spaceport Foundation Factories Foundation Grain elevators Foundation warehouses Foundation gold mine Foundation Speed shuttle Foundation Police patrol Foundation Ruins Foundation
Tavern Foundation Clinics Foundation city-center Foundation Shopping mall Foundation Farm Foundation Hangar Foundation headquarters Foundation Cruiser Foundation
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Foundation is a free online game by browser...

...featuring different families of players in a persistent universe: a galaxy made up of a million planets.
The players are grouped in galactic sectors and assume totally different but compatible roles provided they know how to negotiate with their neighbors.

Players in the galaxy





The diplomatic aspect takes its importance over the missions that can be likened to the conquest of planets during the first missions, and strategy and management of resources then.

“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

- Sun Tzu